What Graduates said

The company started as a response to vast majority of students who after completing formal education at form four levels found themselves in the cold. This is because there was no chance for them in the government schools to do next level of education. Nor could they be employed because they lacked technical skills. Indeed it was ironic that the government was crying that the country lacked basic technicians yet it allowed leaving considerable potential workforce in the street. JRIIT saw this weakness and it decisively wanted to act in order to help young people attain their goals. Hence the story begins!

 Among the youth who benefited from JRIIT noble initiative was NURU. This is a very enthusiastic young man who unfortunately just as what happens to many youth of his age was denied the chance of continuing with formal education. So he came to join us hoping that his dreams for better future life will be realized.  He enrolled in the computer engineering department. Surprisingly Nuru performed well in most subjects. Further as the results of his good practical performance during field training, Saint Judes offered him scholarship.

 When Nuru finished diploma worked for sometimes at   Saint Jude before going to Dar Institute of Information technology (DIT) where he enrolled in the bachelor degree in Computer engineering. Saint Jude could not let it go! After one year they recalled him back to work for them again. Nuru fortunes did not stop there because since then has been sent to Australia for further studies!

 Nuru example is just one among many that shows how JRIIT helped many young people to shift from uncertainty situation to become active participants in the society through its service in technical education.