Terms and Condition

Payments Conditions

Parents and Students must ensure that the fee is paid on time, Failure to disburse the fee before the deadline will results in penalty of 2% per month of the remaining amount until paid. Parents are welcomed to apply for the instalments plan in writing prior to the due date. Parents must remain with the invoice and payment receipt at all time during all three years. ln case of any audit or misunderstanding on payment, parent will be required to submit the originals as proof of payment to a vouch that payment was done as required otherwise full payment will be required.

All fees are to be banked and submit deposit slip to the cashier ACCOUNT DETAILS JR EDUCATIONAL SERVICES LTD N0:01J1035181700 CRDB BANK ARUSHA BRANCH OR N0.0000535571 DIAMOND TRUST BANK (DTB) UHURU BRANCH-ARUSHA.

MOBILE PAYMENT: M-PESA LIPA NUMBER: 5591309 . Receipts will be Issued only after the cheque has been cleared. For more Information please contact us. 0754 360 590 / 0753 888 221 / 0679 414 415

Admission Procedure

  1. Selected candidates are required to register after they have paid at least first installment of the tuition fee. The time frame for fee payment and registration  will be one month (30days) from the date the College opens; this also applies to students with repeat module or carry forward. Students who will have not completed registration and fee payment process within the specified time frame will automatically lose their students‟ status and not be able to undertake any course during the particular Semester.
  2. No student shall be allowed to change an academic programme later than the second week from the commencement of the programme.
  3. No change of names by the student shall be allowed during the course of study.
  4. students shall be allowed to use names appearing on the certificates which qualified them for admission
  5. Certificates obtained outside Tanzania should get translation from the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA).

Transfer Procedure

Registered student from any recognized academic institution may request a transfer to the

JR Institute of Information Technology and study one of its programmes of study provided that: –

(i)         He has fulfilled all the transfer procedures provided by relevant authorities.

(ii)        The programme content of study between the two institutions are alike and compatible.

(iii)       Grading and assessment criteria of the programmes are compatible and accepted by the College.

(iv)       Prescribed fee and other financial dues are duly paid to the College.

(v)        He has no any examination irregularity or disciplinary case.

Condition for Readmission

  1. A candidate shall not be allowed to join the same program in which he/she has been discontinued on academic grounds until after one year and the year to be re-admitted, shall be determined by the Board.
  2. However this privilege shall not apply to expelled students on non-academic matters.


  1. As soon as the Academic Committee releases the Examination results, any candidate who has valid ground for appeal shall, within twenty one (21) days (counted from the day of release of provisional results or from the day of the start of a new semester if results are declared during vacation) lodge his/her appeal with the principal.
  2. Appeals shall be on valid grounds and shall be in written form and shall be accompanied by relevant and documented substantive evidence.
  3. Upon receiving such an appeal the principal may call for investigation and explanation from the Vice Principal Academics to obtain such advice and assistance as it may deem appropriate and make a recommendation, which shall be tabled at the next Academic Committee of the institute.
  4. The Principal may, if in his opinion there is a prima facie case, appoint an appeals sub-Committee to hear the appeal and make a recommendation that shall be tabled at the next Academic Committee of the institute.
  5. The decision of the Academic Committee shall constitute therefore the final examination results. The decision will be communicated to the concerned individual candidate through the principal.